Family Dentistry Clinic Serving Osterville, MA

General Dental Services

Our team provides patients with the care and knowledge that can change poor dental habits and prevent dental problems. A visit to our clinic includes digital imaging and dental lab services. We also offer extractions for primary and adult teeth. 

For advanced periodontal care, we conduct evaluations that topographically chart the pockets and recession of gingival tissues. We approach an appropriate treatment plan by performing careful diagnosis before delivering the right solutions.

We can help you learn more about your infant's teething and tooth eruption stage, why primary teeth are important, and the necessity of a good diet for healthy teeth. A child's first dental visit should be around his or her third birthday, so if your child is nearing that age, schedule an appointment with our office. 

We provide excellent care to geriatric patients in our wheelchair-accessible office and accommodate them in our geriatric wing. Having realized that there are many who are medically and cognitively impaired, we also offer quality non-ambulatory care.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

At Lightship Dentistry, our team also helps patients brighten and enhance their smiles through various cosmetic dentistry services. During an appointment, we can develop a plan that will achieve your desired results and bring the shine back to your smile!

One popular treatment for straightening teeth is Invisalign aligners. These clear, customized, removable aligners straighten teeth without wires and brackets. They are virtually undetectable. On top of this, we provide a variety of options for whitening your teeth and use industry-approved methods, such as using a gentle gel-activated hydrogen peroxide solution. We also now offer ZOOM! whitening, an in office whitening system. 

We also offer dental implants, also known as artificial tooth replacements, and exceptional post-implant care. We coordinate with top periodontists and surgeons to provide optimum care.

Veneers are thin, semi-translucent "shells" typically attached to your front teeth that can greatly improve the appearance of your smile. Bonding is a common solution for fixing and repairing chipped or cracked teeth, reducing unsightly gaps or spaces, and hiding discoloration and faded areas. 

We offer crowns, which are permanent coverings that fit over a decayed, damaged, or cracked tooth. We also offer bridges, which are dental devices that fill spaces that a tooth previously occupied. 

When damage to the tooth goes beyond what can be treated with a filling, we can perform a root canal. We extract decayed pulp from the central part of the tooth, reshape the canal, and replace it with strengthening filler.

For jaw joint problems, we offer a TMJ exam that evaluates the joint tissue in the "hinge" of the jaw, and we provide the appropriate treatment depending on the seriousness of your condition. For snoring problems, we offer oral appliance therapy.

We want to partner with you and your family. Together, we can work toward excellent oral healthcare. Don't take our word for it; visit our information/testimonial page to read firsthand success stories. This page includes valuable resources and patient registration forms. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Contact us at 508-428-4929 to learn more about our dental services and to schedule an appointment